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crafted with the standards of
German quality.
Always excellent results. Ultimate strength.
Unrivaled aesthetics.

Enormous flexural strength of ~1,200 MPa, our high-performance zirconium oxide is suitable for long-span bridges up to 16 units.

We have succeeded in achieving an extremely high translucency, up to ~48%. You can get results with similar esthetics as lithium disilicate.

Works with all commercially available veneering ceramics.

With up to 8 colour layers and a completely natural, stepless colour gradient, this innovative new zirconium ensures maximum aesthetics.

Alt Our products are registered to MDR and ÜTS. Production quality reliability is the cornerstone of business success, forming the basis for customer trust, brand reputation, operational efficiency, and innovation. It's an investment that yields substantial returns in the form of customer loyalty, competitive advantage, and sustained growth.

This is why we focused on consistent high-quality production, that you can rely on.

Discounts are applied for bulk purchases.

Zirconia Premium

Translucent high-strength Zirconia with tremendous bending strength, perfectly suitable also for large circular bridges. Our Premium Zirconia is very easy to color with customary dip and brush paints.  Medical device class IIa - Made in Germany.
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