Alt Produce as designed. Our mission is to produce machines that can bring to life ideas designed with unlimited creativity.

Alt Design Robust, fast, precise. For a successful start, it is essential to understand the needs and demands correctly. Through active market research and gathered customer feedback, we strive to provide excellent designs that satisfy our customers. With the awareness that our products are an investment, we are in search of innovative ideas that uphold our standards and values while delivering significant returns to our customers.

Alt R&D Pioneering today, leading to tomorrow. R&D plays a crucial role in enhancing our product and service quality. We firmly believe that being the pioneer is the most effective way to be up-to-date. By pushing the boundaries and contributing to the fast-evolving technology, we bring innovative ideas to life, enabling us to offer our products and services more effectively.

Alt Production Quality, efficiency, safety. We make every effort to create a positive atmosphere for our employees and the suppliers we collaborate with, encouraging them to be cheerful and work together. We prioritize workplace safety and environmental sensitivity to ensure the continuity of this atmosphere.

Alt Quality control Precisely consistent. The quality of materials directly affects the lifespan and performance of our products. We minimize error rates in production by conducting quality control at every product stage through careful selections.

Alt Post sales services Committed to our products,
loyal to our customers.
We're here for our thousands of machines all around the world, always ready to assist. We ensure years of reliable service by offering quick spare part deliveries and efficient component repairs for our machines, both on-site and remotely. We greatly value our customers' feedback at the end of these processes, which helps us continuously improve our future designs.

Alt 1996 Yena Makina was founded by two mechanical engineers, Ali Erken and Nuri Yücebilgen. Alt 2000 We started to import CNC machines from countries such as the USA, England and Germany for the domestic market. We sold around 300 machines in 4 years. Alt 2002 We started producing CNC milling machines for the Turkish market. We had more than 200 machines in the domestic market. Alt 2003 A German company produced its first CNC machine with us. Until 2008, we sent more than 180 machines to Germany. Alt 2008 Yenadent was established. Yenadent started to produce CNC machines. Alt 2015 'Yena Europe' was established in France. In the same year, a partnership was established between Picasoft software company. Alt 2018 Thanks to R&D studies, we reduced the machine dimensions, thus producing more useful machines not only for milling centers but also for dentists and technicians. We have sold more than 2000 machines in 72 countries. Alt 2020 We established our online sales store and, especially during the pandemic, provided remote support services to our customers and created a knowledge base on our website. History

Alt Over 3000 machines in 85 countries.
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