Zirconia Highly Translucent Pre-Colored

Zirconia Highly Translucent Pre-Colored

High translucency for aesthetic fully anatomical results.

Medical device class IIa - Made in Germany.

Thickness (mm)
  • 14
  • 18
  • A2
  • A3
  • B2

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Structural features

Crowns and large-span bridges of up to 14 units.

Fully anatomical crowns and bridges.

Reduced crowns and bridges, e.g. for minimal layering in the anterior region.

Telescope primary parts.

Implant-supported (directly screwed) bars and bridges.

Nanometer zirconia powder:>98%
Other oxide: <0.5%

The coefficient of linear thermal expansion (25-500°C)

(10.5±0.5) x 10-6·K-1

Visual features

High translucency for aesthetic fully anatomical results (~41%)

Already contains the desired tooth shade - dipping is no longer necessary.

The shade result is absolutely homogeneous and completely penetrates the zirconia - the dreaded white spots during grinding are a thing of the past.

Works with all commercially available veneering ceramics.

Instruction of use

1 Fix the zirconium disc in the specific clamping device.

2 Start the milling process.

3 Remove milled framework from blank and pre-trim with diamond disc.

4 Remove dust from the framework with air gun.

5 Color frame with coloring liquid, final-dry frame under infrared lamp (see manual for coloring liquid). 

6 Load into furnace.

7 Select sintering program and start sintering (see sintering schedule).

8 Remove sintered framework from furnace after the furnace temp drop to room temperature.

9 Check frame on working model for sitting and margin fit. Trim with grinder and polisher if required.

10 Blast using dia-50 micron Alumina at pressure 2-2.5 bar. Clean frame with brush using water. Do not steam-clean.

11 Frame is now ready for veneering, choose porcelain and glaze to finish the restoration.

Sintering schedule

~ 41%
Bending strength
~ 1.100 MPa
200 GPa
CTE 20 - 500 °C
10 × 10^(-6)
Approved sintering temperature
1.450 – max. 1.530 °C
Disc diameter
98.5 mm
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