Zirconium sintering furnace.

MoSi2 heating elements.

Yenadent F1600 series has a special facility that allows the running program to automatically resume after a power outage. You can leave the program running at night and the furnace will switch to power saving mode when the program is finished.

You can provide 4-5 cycles during the day.

It has a chamber diameter of 100 mm, which can easily take 90 mm trays.

Comes with 1 tray.

You can place 3 trays at once.

You can operate F1600 in 3 languages. Other languages can be added on special request.

Its interface is ergonomic and you can program step by step.

Max. temperature: 1600°C

Time to reach maximum temperature: 30 min.

Temperature acceleration: Max. 56°C/min

Cooling time: 30-180 min

Voltage range: 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz

Current: 15 A

Power: 3300 Watts

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