Zirconia Premium

Zirconia Premium

Translucent high-strength Zirconia with tremendous bending strength, perfectly suitable also for large circular bridges. Our Premium Zirconia is very easy to color with customary dip and brush paints. 

Medical device class IIa - Made in Germany.

  • White
Thickness (mm)
  • 14
  • 16
  • 18
  • 20

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Structural features

Reduced crowns and bridges in the anterior and posterior region.

Large-span bridges up to 16 units.

Telescopic primaries.

Implant-supported (directly screw-retained) bars and bridges.

ZrO2+HfO2: 86.3% 94.2%
Y2O3: 5.8%~9.7%
Fe2O3: <0.5%
Al2O3: <0.5%
Er2O3: <2%
Other oxide: <0.5%

The coefficient of linear thermal expansion (25-500°C)

(10.5±0.5) x 10-6·K-1

Visual features

Good translucency, ideally suited for veneering. (~35%)

 Easy to colour with commercially available dipping and brush colours

Works with all commercially available veneering ceramics

Instruction of use

1 Fix the zirconium disc in the specific clamping device.

2 Start the milling process.

3 Remove milled framework from blank and pre-trim with diamond disc.

4 Remove dust from the framework with air gun.

5 Color frame with coloring liquid, final-dry frame under infrared lamp (see manual for coloring liquid). 

6 Load into furnace.

7 Select sintering program and start sintering (see sintering schedule).

8 Remove sintered framework from furnace after the furnace temp drop to room temperature.

9 Check frame on working model for sitting and margin fit. Trim with grinder and polisher if required.

10 Blast using dia-50 micron Alumina at pressure 2-2.5 bar. Clean frame with brush using water. Do not steam-clean.

11 Frame is now ready for veneering, choose porcelain and glaze to finish the restoration.

Sintering schedule

~ 35%
Bending strength
~ 1.200 MPa
200 GPa
CTE 20 - 500 °C
10 × 10^(-6)
Approved sintering temperature
1.450 – max. 1.530 °C
Disc diameter
98.5 mm
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