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Online Sales

After your membership is activated, you can order the consumables and support products of dental CNC mills from

If a bank transfer payment method is selected, your order must be paid within 24 hours. Unpaid orders will be canceled after 24 hours.

Our site is open for sale 24/7, but product output can be made only on weekdays (Monday-Friday) between 08:30 / 17:00.

Our warehouse is closed every year in the last week of December, and product output will not be possible.

Since our company will be closed on public holidays, the products will not be released.

Machine and CAM Sales

Thanks to the fact that our CNC milling machines are domestic products, you can make advantageous purchases with the incentives provided by Kosgeb or different organizations. For this, it will be sufficient to register your company by applying to the Kosgeb unit you are affiliated with.

CAD/CAM System Training

You can ask all your questions about the use of the machine and CAD/CAM system by opening a support ticket at Our authorized personnel who can answer your question will contact you as soon as possible through the registration you have opened.

Remote or close CAM training is provided upon request to our customers using our machines. Remote CAM training is also available.

Machine Installation

Before the machine is installed, the necessary conditions must be met by the purchasing company. In case of installation without the necessary conditions, your machine will be out of warranty.

Delivery and Shipping Process

Every order placed separately, even on the same day, will be packed and shipped separately according to the order number.

If the delivery is selected from our factory, the products will not be delivered to the cargo, and it must be received from our factory against signature.

The lead time of consumables, scanners, furnaces, and supporting products is different from the lead time of spare parts. For this reason, your orders, which are ready and paid for, will be sent without waiting for your spare parts orders, unless specifically stated. Your orders are sent through the courier company that we have a contract with.

Return Process

To contact you about your returns and problems, you need to register at by selecting the support record under the title of order problem or return assistance.

Warranty Conditions

Warranty conditions of our products are available in our user manuals.


You can access the quality certificates related to our company and products on the certificates page.

Legal Warnings

You can refer to the legal notices page for information about what information you share with us is and how it is used.

Career Opportunities

Discover open positions, job opportunities for university students, and internship opportunities.


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