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F1600 Sintering furnace

Width dimension: 58 cm

Depth dimension: 52 cm

Height dimension: 92 cm

Gross weight: 75 kg

Net weight: 60 kg


Check the box warning labels for damages and if you see any warning or damage, please contact the courier company. Please check if the machine has been damaged after cutting the fixing straps. In case of immediate objections and feedback to your dealer or Yena Makina A.Ş, it will be possible to get results in problem-solving.


Install the furnace on a sturdy surface and allow space for ventilation.
The furnace should be at least 30 cm away from obstructions.

Sintering consumables

Make sure to center the pot on the tray while placing it. Otherwise, the pot will be crushed and the lift will bend.

Up to three pots can be stacked.

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