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Liquid tank

Width dimension: 47 cm

Depth dimension: 57 cm

Height dimension: 58 cm

Gross weight: 21 kg

Net weight: 13 kg


Check the box warning labels for damages and if you see any warning or damage, please contact the courier company. Please check if the machine has been damaged after cutting the fixing straps. In case of immediate objections and feedback to your dealer or Yena Makina A.Ş, it will be possible to get results in problem-solving.


Make sure to fix the hose inside the "Liquid" quick fitting.

Make sure the hose does not bend.

Make sure to push the hoses to the end on the 90-degree fittings and tighten the clamps with the screwdriver tightly.

Makinenizi yerleştirdiğiniz masa yüzeyi uçta daha uzunsa, serbest düşüşlü tahliye hortumlarını bükebilir. Bükülmediklerinden ve sıvı tahliye akışının iyi olduğundan emin olun. Değilse, makineniz içini sıvı basacaktır.

Liquid mixture

Metal only use: %5 refractometer reading

Ceramics only use: %3 refractometer reading

Metal and Ceramics use: %4 refractometer reading

You must use "oil liquid tank" instead of "regular liquid tank" if you prefer cutting oil.

You can see if your tank is oil or regular by checking the kW option on the tag.

The oil tank is 0.25kW, the regular tank is 0.09kW.

Pure oil does not need a refractometer reading, just fill your tank and you will be ready for milling.

The water you will use should be deionized water, distilled water, or purified water.

Add your water and then gently add your cutting fluid. 18lt water to 1lt cutting oil produces approximately 4-5% refractometer reading.

Make sure the mixture is blended by stirring with a long stick-like object.

Then you need to check the mixture ratio with a refractometer.

You may need to add more water or cutting liquid according to your reading on the refractometer.


Collect a little mixture into your pipette.

Drop a few droplets onto the reading surface of your refractometer.

Close the lid.

Put the lens to your eye and point the refractometer to a light source for better reading.

If your measurement is correct you are done with the process.

If your measurement is higher than you want, you need to add more water to the mixture. Then measure again.

If your measurement is lower than you want, you need to add more cutting fluid to the mixture. Then measure again.

You need to clean your refractometer's surface with a washcloth or napkin between the readings or when you are done storing your refractometer.

Water evaporates, make sure to check your mixture ratio monthly.

Liquid tank filter cleaning

Dust and particles are filtered from the cutting liquid before the liquid reenters circulation. In order to have a clean and filtered liquid that can improve tool lifespan significantly, the filter must be cleaned regularly. 

Remove the liquid tank filter.

Empty it's content to the trash and clean it with water.

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