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Medit Link's user-friendly, effective dashboards allow access to a summarized form of all your data at a glance. Keep track of all your order information including relevant costs, scan types, and patient visit rates, enabling you to manage your performance and communicate effectively with your partners easily.
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Cloud Storage
Medit Link is coupled with cloud storage for all digital scan files. Digital copies require less space than physical copies, and with our cloud system, you can easily archive your digital impressions and orders and manage cases wherever you are.
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Workflow Management
Medit Link allows tracking of workflows from order to delivery, and can even be linked to CAD/CAM software to improve work efficiency. Medit Link was created to help you manage your workflow in the easiest and most effective way possible, saving you valuable time.
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Easy Communication
By integrating direct communication options, you can ask your customers questions quickly to ensure the highest-quality outcomes. This will not only increase the quality of your end-product, but will also save you money and improve your customers’ satisfaction in the long run.
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Payment Management
Medit Link is integrated with Stripe (, the online payment platform, and the payment module (, which makes payment easier for everyone. In addition, wire transfer and payment skip methods are also available.
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