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Post-processing station and storage unit for VOXELTEK 3D printers

Finish is a complementary storage unit for you VOXELTEK Flow Digital Dental System. This device stores your resin bottles in a drawer protected from sunlight for optimal shelf life of your resins. But is does more than that too: With the retractable worksheet, you'll have ample space for support removal and storage for your post-processing tools. Finish is also has an AC power distributor, so you can power your FLOW devices with a single power cable.

Technical info

Storage capacity: 6 x standard resin bottles
Device dimensions: 250 x 390 x 350 mm
Device weight: 12 kg
Packaging dimensions: 350 x 400 x 450 mm
Packaging weight: 14 kg
Power: 230V / 50Hz
Max distributed power: 2500 W