YenadentCAM User Friendly Environment
YenadentCAM V.5.1 edition 2018 is best interface on the market to get EASY, FAST and SECURED production.

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Full Automatic Production

yenadentCAM Wizard mode offers you an automated process. It features production solutions that you will be able to adjust or modify as you follow the Wizard step by step automated process.

  • Loading CAD file

    Load STL file to produce.

  • Select a disk

    Decide on witch disk / material you will produce

  • Margin Line / Geometry

    YenadentCAM will get CAD information from CAD software (Exocad, DentalWings)

  • Nesting

    YenadentCAM will perform an automatic nesting and inclination based on lower space consuption in the...

  • Automatic attachments

    link are created simply between crownsand blanks

  • Computing NC files for milling machine

    Compute toolpath using predefined templates parameters.


4 Axis Standard Version

Our 4 axis version is main Mayka dental version. This Standard version includes all feature require to produce crowns and bridges for any materials on any machines.
Features :

• Partially milled disk management
• Automatic fiiting area recognision with high definition milling
• 4 axis milling
• Dedicated Zircon productions tools (sintering connectors, pins...)
• Metal milling optimisation
• Ready to use milling strategies
• Double side attachemnt for space optimisation (allow to produce 50 units per disk)
• Space optimisation with stl inclination (minimize blank thikness)
• Production repport
• Toolpath creation Autocheck.
• Toolchanger management automatic air activation coolant ...
Custom Management :

• Machine library
• Strategy library
• Blanklibrary (Cube, Cylinder, Disk, and user define blank)
• Postprocessor for all Yenadent Machines
Blank Library

Being as flexible as possible, YenadentCAM manages many different kinds of blanks with specific geometries from different material producers and suppliers.
Parametric disks and cubes are managed as well as importaing custom blank holders from your own supplier's 2D/ 3D files.

YenadentCAM safely and easily guides you through sprue placement.
Just click from the top view and sprues will be created directly in the best position. Sprues can be easily created in order to reduce sintering distotion. All created sprues remain fully editable.

Reference engraving allows you to quickly and clearly identify produced parts. Thanks to the additional -reporting feature, identifying and tracking dentures is very easy.

No need to draw anything, YenadentCAM can automatically generate your connectors. Simply chose the most appropriate shape to avoid distorsion during the sintering of your zirconia.
Block-height optimization

YenadentCAM allows you to incline the denture so they perfectly fit within the block. Milling will automatically be made with the correct tool inclination, to compensate the angle with respect the insertion axis.
5-axis milling

5 axis version get all the benefits of Standard version with aditional rotary axis management. Software allow to detect automaticaly best milling angle for each crowns and also multiple miling axis on bridges. This is automatic. YenadentCAM allow also with the 5 axis module to incline a long bridge in order to insert it in smaller bloc and then mill it incline along insert axis. Also YenadentCAM 5 axis is a true 5 axis software with real 5 axis milling toolpaths.
For each selected area YenadentCAM recognizes insertion axis and undercuts to produce the correct fitting surfaces. Checking the machine capabilities first, Mayka Dental applies continuous 5-axis milling toolpaths to guarantee the ultimate results you demand.
YenadentCAM 5 axis additional features :

• Automatic Best angle 5 axis milling (3 + 2 axis)
• Full Shape inclination  (3 + 2 axis)
• True 5 axis 
Abutment Milling

Abutment milling has been developed in partnership with abutment manufacturer in order to optimize production. It is available for metal milling and zircon milling with dedicated milling parameters. By using a combination of 5 axis driling and milling it can produce any shapes. Software define a simple interface with automatic features to prepare the production. You will then generate toolpath in 3 checking steps.
Features :

• Axis detection
• Automatic geometrical area recognition with high resolution milling
• Depth drilling definition
• Internal/ External Hexagons
Implant Library

Implant Library
Available for 3Shape, Dental Wings and ExoCAD.

STL FILE FORMAT is the main file used in our aplication field and YenadentCAM knows how to get them milled.
STl files are produced by standard CAD software like 3Shape®, Dentalwings®, Exocad®, Sirona® and others. Our Sofware works on stl files where geometry is defined as assembly of triangles in 3D this is comonly made by scanner and natively milled by YenadentCAM. Others file format are available dor specific purposes.

EXOCAD CONSTRUCTION INFO FILE :  This file format is a dedicated file format form Exocad that alow us to get automaticaly informations like margin line, implant direction, implant interface geometry...

DENTALWINGS DEDICATED MKDW FILE : This is a dedicated bridge between Dental wings and Yenadent. agree to give you the best of the 2 products. This file format only dedicated to YenadentCAM with many CAD information.

Material management

YenadentCAM is compatible with any kind of material used for dental restoration. We can manage Chrome Cobalt, Titanium, Zircon, Lithium Silicate ...

Due to its capabilities Zircon has become more popular over the last past years and we have developed dedicated tools to handle zircon milling process perfectly. YenadentCAM manages shrinking rate, residual materiral management inside blanks. YenadentCAM will also give you tools to prevent distortion during sintering procees thanks to sintering pins and sintering connectors.
Wax / PMMA
With our experience for more than 10 years in the jewelry industry we manage wax milling for casting perfectly. YenadentCAM if of course provided with ready to use templates for this material.
Chrome Cobalt / Titanium
Thanks to our top level technologies Chrome Cobalt can be milled only with air cooling. Tool life has no equivalent on the market. We have already produced more 120 units with a single roughing 2 mm diameter tool on a Yenadent DC40 machine. Simply the best reference on the market. We spent 2 years during 2008 - 2009 to improved and develop fast and high quality milling on hard material.
Lithium Silicate
Lithium silicate milling is a realy specific kind of milling with diamond tools water and specific trajectories to work efficiently. YenadentCAM includes all the required milling technics needed for Lithium silicate productions
Other materials
We can work with many other mateials. Software manages also resins milling for instance for model milling.


  • CRCO crown & bridges

    Metal milling for crown and bridge is very efficient with YenadentCAM. metal milling for dental application as been introduce in PicaSoft software early in 2008. in 2010 the new milling kernel make it fantastic. Tool life is extented due to hight speed machining and residual material managment. Surface quality is perfect with our ofset finishing technology.

  • TITANIUM Premills

    TITANIUM Premills YenadentCAM give many special tool for premills that make it easy • 3D custom holder support with 1 or multiple holder. • integrated calibration procedure to handle perfect alignment. • implant Library with 120 interfaces • Automatic alignment of custom abutment to premilled bloc

  • Full denture

    Final rendering with 5 axis undercut milling respect all the design of the part. thanks to this feature, Full denture results are always detailed and accurate. This sample is made with temporary colored PMMA.

  • TITANIUM implant bars

    Titanium milling for bars can be used as standard with interface comming from scanner Library. it can also be fully redefined by YenadentCAM with CAD drawings. We put a template of multi unit with about 10 dimensions to adjust.

  • CRCO screw retained bridges

    Chrom Cobalt screw retained bridges are milled with 5 axis machines. It is possible to mill the geometry from scanner if the Library is trustable. If not, our integrated Library can be used to replace the implant interface and improve the result.

  • Ceramic

    Ceramic milling with various kind of bloc, brands, and sizes

  • Partial milling

    Partial milling is available for PMMA, WAX and PEEK (Titanium even for some special cases) Standard wax milling guaranty full détails with texture engraving for palate surface. YenadentCAM will be able to mill top and bottom partials in a 30 mm disk wax in less than 4 hours with the best quality using 0.6mm tool for super finishing.