YenadentCAM V.6 edition 2019 is the best interface on the market to get EASY, FAST and SECURED production.
  • Loading CAD file

    Load STL file to produce.

  • Select a disk

    Decide on which disk / material you will produce

  • Margin Line / Geometry

    YenadentCAM will get CAD information from CAD software (Exocad, DentalWings)

  • Nesting

    YenadentCAM will perform an automatic nesting and inclination based on lower space consuption in the...

  • Automatic attachments

    link are created simply between crownsand blanks

  • Computing NC files for milling machine

    Compute toolpath using predefined templates parameters.

Full Automatic Production

  • CRCO crown & bridges

    Metal milling for crown and bridge is very efficient with YenadentCAM. Metal milling for dental application as been introduce in PicaSoft software early in 2008. in 2010 the new milling kernel make it fantastic. Tool life is extented due to hight speed machining and residual material managment. Surface quality is perfect with our ofset finishing technology.

  • TITANIUM Premills

    TITANIUM Premills YenadentCAM give many special tool for premills that make it easy • 3D custom holder support with 1 or multiple holder. • integrated calibration procedure to handle perfect alignment. • implant Library with 120 interfaces • Automatic alignment of custom abutment to premilled block

  • Full denture

    Final rendering with 5 axis undercut milling respect all the design of the part. thanks to this feature, Full denture results are always detailed and accurate. This sample is made with temporary colored PMMA.

  • TITANIUM implant bars

    Titanium milling for bars can be used as standard with interface comming from scanner Library. it can also be fully redefined by YenadentCAM with CAD drawings. We put a template of multi unit with about 10 dimensions to adjust.

  • CRCO screw retained bridges

    Chrom Cobalt screw retained bridges are milled with 5 axis machines. It is possible to mill the geometry from scanner if the Library is trustable. If not, our integrated Library can be used to replace the implant interface and improve the result.

  • Ceramic

    Ceramic milling with various kind of bloc, brands, and sizes

  • Partial milling

    Partial milling is available for PMMA, WAX and PEEK (Titanium even for some special cases) Standard wax milling guaranty full détails with texture engraving for palate surface. YenadentCAM will be able to mill top and bottom partials in a 30 mm disk wax in less than 4 hours with the best quality using 0.6mm tool for super finishing.

yenadentCAM Wizard mode offers you an automated process. It features production solutions that you will be able to adjust or modify as you follow the Wizard step by step automated process.