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Super quality, MoSi2 heating elements.
Yenadent Tegra series have a specific facility that enables the running program to automatically continue after a power failure. You can leave the program running at night time and the furnace will enter power savings mode when the program is finished. This will allow you to efficiently manage up to 4 - 5 cycles a day.

100 mm of base diameter to easily accept 90mm OD trays.
1 tray is included in a package, up to 3 trays can be stacked on the lift. Fits up to 90 mm diameter works.

You can operate the furnace in 3 languages. Further languages can be added if you request before purchase.
7” Color touch screen controller. Very ergonomic step by step programming via touchscreen interface.

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Technical Information

Max. temperature: 1600°C
Time to reach Max. temp: 30 min.
Ramp rate: Max. 56°C/min
Cooling time: 30-180 min
Voltage Range: 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz
Current: 15 A
Power: 3300 Watts
Height: 55 cm
Width: 34 cm
Depth: 43 cm

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